Don’t forget…

Saturday 29 March-

Gig at “Gamla” in Oslo.

We’re gona bring the roof down at the place-together with our friends from  “Dimension Act”!!



See you there!!

Finally!! Some long awaited news!!!!

Saturday 29 March-

Gig at “Gamla” in Oslo.

We’re gona bring the roof down at the place-together with our friends from  “Dimension Act”!!



See you there!!


Hi and welcome Tutorials!

Mr Toya have now started to produce some kickass tutorials where he is walking through some of the hits =)
You can access them by clicking HERE or simply just press the tutorial menu link here above.

Oscar is here

We are welcoming Oscar Nilsson to the band



Oscar is from Gothenburg, the metal-heart of Sweden. He has been hanging with us for the last couple of gigs,sins Ronnys defection earlier this spring-and man he knows how to work those drums- In almost no time not only did he manage to learn the songs, but also put his own touch to them in an all good way- we were all blown away as soon as the intro for”My Judas” faded on the first gig.

Together with Oscar we decided to do all the scheduled shows ending up with our gig at Norway Rock Festival.And then- filled with impressions after all our hard work/positive/negative experiences, sum up and come to a decision how the future of the band will be…     Late that last gig night, over a couple of well deserved cold ones, in the back of our van in the band camp, we all realized we had the easiest decision to make ever!!This last couple of months have filled the band with more positive energy than we felt in a long,long time…..

So please welcome Oscar and join us on the next step of  our great journey.

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