Saint Deamon

Pandeamonium (2009)

In Shadows Lost From The Brave (2008)


  • Jamie Walker 19 augusti, 2015

    Hey guys, really hope you don’t just disappear, your first 2 albums were amazing and a lot of people are hoping for more! I hope all is well with all of you, hope to hear some stuff from you guys soon!

  • SEIDEN 4 juni, 2015

    2015 and I’m still waiting for the next album… =’(

  • Rene 7 oktober, 2014

    I discovered you long time ago on Spotify. Very impressive music. I’ll still hope you one day will visit The Netherlands. btw you have propably the best vocals I ever heard. Greetz!


  • Rado 3 juni, 2013

    Release new album with revelations. I need them.

  • Bjørn R 19 maj, 2013

    Jeg håper virkelig dere har ei plate på gang snart, dere er ett så utrolig bra band som trenger å komme ut med noe nytt, som jeg vet kommer til å bli fantastisk. Ride Forever Deamons :)

  • Metaloso 9 maj, 2013

    YES . We need a new great album

  • Wharfage 9 januari, 2013

    Hey The band is great in so many ways, but really, come on 3 years and no new album, I know people are loosing interest and once that happens, well no more band, so guys drop your socks and grab your cocks and start getting that album on the go, been way way way to long.

  • gabon 4 januari, 2013

    cant wait for another album,
    cant imagine another song,
    cant felling another metal saint deamon’s eargasm

  • Laura 24 november, 2012

    Hey Saint Deamon

    I just wanted to say that I love your music. It’s amazing! I love every song on both of your albums and I can’t wait for another album from you. Please tell me you’re working on a new album. I’m sure it will be as great as the others.

    All the best wishes


  • MUDr.Nudl 11 oktober, 2012

    Greetings from Slovakia this time! I have to say you are my only favorite band which is still playing – since Mark Reale died, Daniel Heiman left Lost Horizon, Heavens Gate split up and Timeless Miracle too I don’t have any band I like to hear news of. Not so many bands which can get onto me and get onto me with 2 albums in a row… I am very happy you guys are doing such a great music. I wish you all the best in your personal lives and good luck in writing some new songs and hope to hear a new album soon!

  • Lis 14 juli, 2012

    Hi guys! I discovered the band recently, and as a lover of good metal I have to say, YOU’RE AWESOME.
    I’ll make sure to follow your career from now on, and make people around here get to know your work.
    Hope you grow big.

    Greetings from Brazil !

  • sta 17 maj, 2012

    I personally believe saint deamon is an amazing metal band and it really deserves to be way more recognised! unfortunately here in greece the music industry is 100% into pop and metal is not promoted at all by radio and media overall. I’m sorry for that but I’m glad I’ve discovered so many amazing metal bands via the net.
    Thank you S.D. for making the metal world even more amazing with your epic music! keep goin’!
    PEACE ^^

  • blackcheese 2 maj, 2012

    I wish there were a new release :(

    • Stefan 8 maj, 2012

      Yes! What about a new album???

  • norhman 11 mars, 2012

    hi guys greetings from México city i love your songs especialky Brave Never Bleeds from the first album its fuckin awesome i feel the power when 8 hear it, i hope that you came soon to México SAINT DEAMON RULES

  • Markus 9 februari, 2012

    Hi guys, some more greetings from Czech Republic once again. :o ) Question worth a million dollars: (…well actually just a few bucks… ;-) ) is it possible to buy some XL-sized Saint Deamon T-Shirts? And if it’s possible, can you direct me to some e-shop offering these? (Merch / Clothes section of your webpages looks painfully empty to me :-( )

    We need to get you some advertisement on upcoming festivals like MoR in Czech Rep. , so that people start wondering what is the Saint Deamon band all about….

    Rock on!


  • Jason 17 januari, 2012

    I absolutely love your material! It’s everything I want out of the music I listen to and I enjoy it so much! Thank you! I learned of SD via . I heard “Run For Your life” and fell in love. Come to America soon, please!! Particularly near Columbus, Ohio, where I live!

  • Joe 12 januari, 2012

    Can’t wait to hear the new album. Any news for 2012 release date?
    All the way from Colorado, USA!

    • Joe 25 september, 2013

      Still waiting….

      There has to be something new coming along

  • Jarda 5 januari, 2012

    Hi guys, the health of your fan from the Czech Republic, you have a fantastic group, and I’d like to see you at the concert in the Czech Republic. I look forward to the new album and I wish you all a successful year in 2012.

  • Luna 19 december, 2011

    Hey Saint Deamon

    First I want to say: I love your music!! You’re such a great band and I hope you will release a lot of albums. Please come also to Switzerland when you are touring with the new album. That would be so great! I really want to see you live! =)

    Greetings from the little cheese land


  • Casey 7 december, 2011

    Come to America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! South Calfornia!!!

  • Richard 3 december, 2011

    Hi guys, we would like to see you here in Czech Republic on Masters of Rock festival in July, hope you could come to see possibly the best fans in Europe. See you soon.

    • Nobby 3 december, 2011

      Hi Richard, would love to come play for you on the MOR festival, actually been trying to get in touch with the guys/girls in charge but no response so far- seems like we need more help from you and your friends to make something happen……

      • RICHARD 4 december, 2011

        Hi Nobby, I already contacted them so I will let you know soon. Maybe they will contact you directly. If you will come on MOR 2012/or MOR 2013 I would like to meet you personally. Looking forward for your new album. Richard

  • Mike 1 november, 2011

    Hey guys, in Italy we’re waiting a great show of Saint Deamon!!! And we expect another album of great metal!

    Thank you!

    • toya 1 november, 2011

      The album of great metal is coming soon. We working on it right now. We´ll see when we can release it.
      Take care

  • Vidar 10 september, 2011

    When is your next album coming out? Looking forward already. Keep on rocking!

    • Nobby 13 september, 2011

      We’re still working on the new material- so I would guess sometime next year.
      Rock on-hope to see you out on the road….

      • Art 15 oktober, 2011

        Wait from Russia. You are the best metal nowadays. Regards!


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