• Wharfage 24 april, 2013

    Hey just want to say, you guys are great, BUT people start to forget u and you can only listen to the songs so many times till people want to hear something new, i know your busy touring but 2009 was the last album and yes its 2013 and 4 years without some new material, that’s a along time before people loose interest in a band, specially when the band is so great , but great falls when things don’t move on, so on that note hopefully you guys can put something together before 2014, good luck with ur tours and hope to hear something new soon…

  • Behrooz 27 september, 2012

    Awesome stuff, absolutely love this band. Really wish youd come to England!

  • Ivan 16 januari, 2012

    Great song, awesome band! Can I get a shout! I have tabbed 2 of your songs (Sorrow and Black Symphony) they’re on my site, feel free to check them out! Keep it up guys!

  • Toyan 17 september, 2011

    Hej Gubben! Har lyssnat igenom era prylar o det e svinbra! Keep up the good work!

    • admin 17 september, 2011

      Tack Gubben! Tänkte nån gång att det Saint Deamon skulle du nog fan gilla:)… Jag hör av mig när vi lirar i Göteborg
      nästa gång. Ha det bra

  • Thomas 25 augusti, 2011

    Shit! I didn’t know that you can just tune it like that. awesome. but one question. if you are playing this song live.. do you have another guitar on stage thats tuned like this ? or is the tuning universal with the classic tuning?

    • admin 26 augusti, 2011

      Hello Thomas!
      No, unfortunately I have rarely the guitar with me. When I play live I do the riff with my electric guitar. We often fly to our gigs, so it is unfortunately not able to bring two guitars. But I have made an arrangement with the electric guitar that reminds of the acustic guitar. Take care/Toya

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  • mcc25 20 augusti, 2011

    Successes in creativity. Russia with you ! ! !

  • Julian 16 augusti, 2011

    Yeah i cannot wait too until new stuff! Great Band, all the best for the future!

  • Thomas 13 augusti, 2011

    Wow! Forces Of metal!!! Cool!

  • joerg 10 augusti, 2011

    great band …. cant wait for new stuff and maybe to see you live anywhere in germany


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