Swedish/Norwegian ProgPowerMetal band
Originally founded by former Dionysus drummer Ronny milianowicz in 2006.
The line up was completed In 2007 with singer JanThore Grefstad (ex Highland Glory)-Guitarist Toya Johansson and bassplayer Nobby Noberg(ex Dionysus)
The band signed a worldwide deal with Frontiers records that same year- which up until today resulted in two albums, “In Shadows Lost From The Brave”2008 and “Pandeamonium”2009. Extensive live appearances followed with gigs all the way from North Cap down through Europe- also entered stage in the prestigious festival “ProgPowerUSA” in Atlanta.
Present day 2011, what’s to come… Together with their new drummer Oscar Nilsson, SaintDeamon is preparing for a third album and the plans for the festival year 2014 is taking shape.
So welcome to join us on the next step of our great journey…….


  • JOEY 18 maj, 2017

    I was blown away by your music! Such great choruses and song structures. you guys should do a tour across the UK, me and my friends would love to see you guys live.
    (Nice chorus on the brave never bleeds by the way!)

  • Mrphil 25 april, 2015

    Amazing music. You need to move to England and tour here. You have the same class as Iron Maiden.

  • Ballo 22 november, 2014

    Hey! I Love your songs! ..i would like to know what guitar heads have been used in Pandeamonium, expecially for the hi gains! I really liked the exquisite mixing job done! Greetings from Italy and my best wishes for you guys.

  • Kate 10 juli, 2014

    Greetings from Russia, expecting your next album, could you please hurry up?:) Thanks for great music

  • Ramiro 7 april, 2014

    I love this band. Really, i heard all your song one after another. Its hard to me to choose a favourite one.
    The bad thing is to know that i am far away from you. i would love to see you alive.
    Im am from Argentina. My best wishes. Keep on making great music!

  • Power Metal Mark M 7 augusti, 2013

    Saint Deamon You Guys Are Really Talented Musicians . Iam A New Fan From Phoenix Arizona. In North America. I Just Discover Your Music. Pandeamonium & In Shadows Lost From The Brave Are Two Real Outstanding CDS. Now I Can’t Wate For The Third Release. Later Mark

  • Robert 13 maj, 2013

    Epic! When you going to do Norway again? I promised Oscar a cake, but that means you gotta visit central Norway… ;-)

  • Bruno 25 november, 2012

    You guys are absolutely amazing.. I just can’t stop listening both album released.. waiting for the third!! When will it come?!?!?! Best wishes from Brazil!!

  • pellemoe 9 november, 2012

    I’m really looking forward for your new album, any news on how the progress is going? PS, hope you come to Sweden Rock festival 2013!

  • Zbynek 6 oktober, 2012

    Guys, I love music you play. I make you a question: do you plan to play any gig or festival in the Czech Republic (for example Masters of Rock or Metalfest)? I would like to listen you live.

  • raul 19 juli, 2012

    and rony ?

  • NiceDAD 7 februari, 2012

    great music m8s keep up the great work any chance to come buy västerås ???
    sigurdsgatan lot of others hardrocks band have been there

  • Pablo 24 november, 2011

    You have become one of my favourite bands ever. I owe it to youtube to get to know your outstanding music. Keep up your awesome work.
    Greetings from Argentina!

  • Hidayah 21 november, 2011

    You guys are really awesome! Glad that I managed to find such a good band. And hey erm what happened to Ronny? Oscar’s really great man but Im just curious what happened to Ronny.

  • Christine 16 oktober, 2011

    You guys totally rock! I loved your music ever since I listened to “My Judas” for the first time. If you happen to tour Germany one day, I’ll be the first to get a ticket. Keep up releasing great albums like your first two!

  • Samuel 6 oktober, 2011

    It’s just incredible, i heard my judas the past week and now i just can’t push the stop in my player…. you guys has captive me, the music, the lyrics, everything is perfect for me.. i’m so fucking happy because i found saint deamon.. and it was for an accident… the only one perfect accident hahaha…

    Greetings from Mexico… hope see u here!!! HOPEFULLY!!!!

  • Jeramy 22 september, 2011

    You guys are awesome! I quickly became a fan after hearing only one song. Now I listen to them all every day while working. Wish I could see you guys in concert.
    Greetings from Manitoba, Canada!

    • Nobby 23 september, 2011

      Hi Jeramy, great hearing from you, we would love come play for you in Canada.

  • Martin 28 augusti, 2011

    one of my favorites bands, you’re such of good musicians!!
    greetings from mexico!!

    • admin 29 augusti, 2011

      Greetings from Sweden! We would love to come and play in Mexico..


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