About us


Saint Deamon was founded in 2006 by former Dionysus drummer Ronny Millianovicz and music mastermind/singer Tobias Lundgren.They were soon joined by equal mastermind/multi-instrumentalist/guitarists Ragnar Widerberg (Witherscape) and Toya Johansson.

One year later, -Tobias and Ragnar stepped down and the lineup was completed with singer Jan Thore Grefstad (ex-Highland Glory), and bass player Nobby Noberg (ex-Nation,Dionysus)

The band signed a worldwide deal with Frontiers Records that same year, which resulted in two albums, “In Shadows Lost From The Brave” (2008) and “Pandeamonium” (2009).

Extensive live appearances followed; with gigs all the way from North Cap down through Europe- crowned with a memorable appearance at the prestigious “ProgPowerUSA” festival in Atlanta.

In early 2011 Ronny decided to part ways with the band.  At record time, Oscar Nilsson(ENGEL) prepared and nailed the setlist for the rest of the 2011 gigs- check out the “roadtrip to NorwayRock 2011” video where he can be seen as the bands new drummer for the first time…  

Little did the band know the “yet to come” importance in the choice of successor for the job….

Oscar remained in the band until 2015 when he was forced to prioritize his work with “ENGEL” and the growing work with his “Crehate Studios”… 

Oscar was relieved on the drums by Jarle Byberg (Urgehal), who brought new fresh energy to the band, and the work on the third Saint Deamon album “Ghost” commenced, in close cooperation with….. “long time friend” Oscar Nilsson at Crehate studios”

10 years after the “Pandeamonium” release- Saint Deamon connected with old friend Timo Hoffman, and signed with his new label “RamItDown records.

The 74min mastodont “Ghost” was finally presented to the world in 2019…

The live work following the release had just begun with a fantastic tour support for Geoff Tate through Norway and Finland when the pandemic struck the world…

After the last show in Finland, Jarle decided to leave the band…

By a struck of fortune once again, The Deamons path crossed with yet a fantastic new drummer and friend –Alfred Fridhagen (Waymaker, Gaia Epicus…….)

Three long pandemic years have now come to an end, and Saint Deamon have used the time creatively and well.

Finishing up 2022 with new exciting signing for AFM records- physical re-issues of „In Shadows…“ and „Pandeamonium“ to follow  and finishing the recordings for the yet unnamed 2023 killer release under the AFM banner…

May the fourth be with us!!


Jan Thore Grefstad

Andreas ”Toya” Bjurström

Magnus ”Nobby” Noberg

Alfred Fridhagen